Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures
Canine Separation Anxiety
Canine Separation Anxiety Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Provide entertaiment

Anxious dogs are prone to barking, chewing, and scratching when the owner is away. Keeping an anxious dog entertained can help distract them from these destructive habits, and save your furniture, shoes, and other personal belongings.  Dogs are fairly easily entertained. Dog entertainment can be a special chew toy, a big bone, or even another dog for a playmate.

Please note that anyone who is considering the additional pet route for entertaining an anxious dog, should really think long and hard about their motivation for adding a second dog to the brood. It’s generally not a good idea to expect a second dog to “fix” the problem dog. If you already want a second dog anyway, and you have the time, money, and patience needed to become a multiple-dog household, it may be a great help for lonely anxious dogs.

A more sane and rational alternative for most households is to simply leave treats and toys aplenty to entertain and busy the dog while everyone is gone. Many dog owners swear by durable rubber toys that can be filled with treats or peanut butter. These toys provide a challenge for the dog. He has to “work” to get the treat, and this will keep him busy for some time.

In order for the dog to be enamored with the toy or treat for any length of time, it should be a special one; and it may be best to keep certain treats or toys limited to only when you leave the house. This helps the dog know that when you leave the house, he will have a special treat or toy while you are gone. The toy or treat will also be more entertaining for the dog if you rotate them on a regular basis, not giving the same one each time you leave.

If the toy or treat becomes too old-hat for the dog, he won’t be entertained with it for long. Always keep them wanting more of the toy or the treats inside the toy. These toys can easily entertain a dog for an hour or more. Even a half hour of distraction can be beneficial in helping a dog forget that he’s been left home alone.

Leave the radio or TV on

It may sound silly to some, but leaving on a little background noise can help your dog deal with anxiety. For dogs that hate to be left alone, silence is associated with anxiety and fear. Talk radio or soothing music can help alleviate tension and redirect negative associations between silence and being alone. 

A low volume TV or radio can also help to distract the dog from what may be going on outside. This can go a long way in calming an anxious dog that otherwise jumps and barks at every outside noise he hears.

Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures