Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures
Canine Separation Anxiety
Canine Separation Anxiety Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Doggy Day Care

Whether used temporarily as a means of sparing your home from certain ruin, or as a last ditch effort for a dog that does not seem to respond to any kind of behavior modification, doggy day care can be a positive option. Doggy day care is also a great option for people who realize that they are simply away from home for too many hours per week to realistically be fair to and healthy for their dog.

Dog day care is not a cure for separation anxiety, but it may be a transitional step to help socialize your dog and get him used to being away from you, to the point that he is eventually able to stay at home alone without experiencing anxiety.

No matter where you live in the you should be able to find local dog day care. Most care providers have some guidelines which must be adhered to before they will take your dog into their care.  Your dog will typically need to play well with others, be healthy, and have current vaccine records for at least rabies and distemper.

It’s a good idea to check references for doggy day cares just as you would for a vet or dog walker. Take a good look around the facility? Is it clean safe, and accommodating?

Does the business adhere to all state and local licensing and health rules?  Does it look like a place where your dog would enjoy spending time? Is the place overcrowded—meaning your dog would not get much individual attention? What is the owner or director’s philosophy on disciplining dogs, giving attention to dogs, exercising dogs, etc.? Switching your dog from anxiety over being home alone to anxiety about day care won’t accomplish anything.

In addition to checking references, talk to other people who are dropping their dogs off at the center you are interested in.  Ask them questions about the owners and or employees of the day care.

If your schedule and pocket book allow for the time and expense of delivering your dog to a doggy day care, it may be an excellent way to end your battle with an anxious dog consistently being left alone at home while you spend long hours at work, or for other reasons. But, even if you do choose the doggy day care route, continue to work with your dog on separation anxiety issues.

Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures