Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures
Canine Separation Anxiety
Canine Separation Anxiety Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Canine Separation Anxiety Treatment

Anyone who feels guilty about behavior that could have contributed to the dog’s anxiety, should simply realize their error in judgment, and modify their behavior. Feeling sorry for the dog or the situation will do nothing to rectify the problem and will usually create further issues as the owner coddles the dog because he feels guilty. With patience and a firm understanding of why the dog is behaving in a destructive and agitated manner, simply change any negative habits that may be reinforcing the dog’s anxiety. Once the owner has changed his own habits, it’s time to investigate possible solutions to the dog’s separation anxiety.

There are many possible solutions to even extremely serious cases of separation anxiety. Most dogs can absolutely be redirected or rehabilitated to the point of feeling safe, confident, and secure in the absence of their owner. The first step in working to conquer separation anxiety is to completely abandon the concept of punishing away separation anxiety. 

Punishment is not an effective means of dealing with this issue. The circumstances which make the dog feel anxious must be modified before the negative behavior will cease; the negative behavior will not cease with punishment. The dog owner must work to make the dog feel safe and secure. This can mean distracting the dog from the fact that he’s alone, reminding him of his place in the household pack, or in some extreme cases, introducing anti-anxiety medication. Whatever course of action is taken, it's important to remember that punishment is an unfair and futile way to deal with separation anxiety.

Here are realistic and humane ways to deal with separation anxiety. One or more of these ideas will help most dogs and their owners to move past separation anxiety.

Things you may try which have proved effective include the following. Please click on the page links below to learn more about each method.

Canine Separation Anxiety Symptoms And Cures